Our History

Valley Products Co. History


Charles Breazeale earned his chemistry degree at age 19 during the Great Depression, and after years of odd jobs, he began his soap career in 1938 as the chemist at Tennessee Soap Company.


The company was started in 1943 by Charles and Evelyn Breazeale.


In 1943, Charles developed a new line of washing powders.


In 1945, Charlie and Evelyn bought our current plant site and expanded into bar soap, liquid soap, sanitary janitorial products, and car washing products.


In 1951, they bought the Tennessee Soap Company.


Jim Breazeale joined the business in 1966, at a time when the business had overextended into too many products and become dependent on declining government work.


In 1967, he bought a New York soap company to further expand soap base production.


In 1969, he started a new division processing vegetable oils into fatty acids, and over the years he continued to expand that business unit.


In 1997, he acquired assets of a New Jersey soap company in order to expand our industrial soap and soap base business.


Jeff Breazeale joined Valley Products in 1998, starting his journey in the consumer bar soap division.


In 2009, Jeff and his management team formed Vanguard Soap to buy the assets of the original family bar soap business.


Vanguard began producing liquid soaps and body washes in 2010.


In 2014, the shareholder groups of Vanguard Soap and Valley Products merged into one holding company.

Photograph of Memphis, Tennessee skyline