Applications for our Products

Soap for Industrial Applications

The Valley Product Co product portfolio provides several solution-oriented chemistries to typical manufacturing problems. Whether it be environmentally friendly Anti-tacks, surfactants, lubricants, adhesives, cleaning agents, or binding agents Valley Products Co has a potential solution for you.

The backbone chemistry allows us to formulate specific characteristics to a specific application. These variables include titer, binding, lathering, and risibility. Our products can be utilized in both powder and dispersion systems.

Our chemistries replace synthetic solutions that can be harmful to the environment and create regulatory tracking requirements tying up valuable resources that could be adding value to your business in other ways. Our products are often substituted for zinc stearate, and calcium stearate. Our chemistries are APEO free.

Our products can also be utilized as formulary additives in your existing retail sales. Our products are based on natural soaps as opposed to other synthetic options.

Talk to our technical sales team about your specific application to learn about alternative products.

Photograph of rubber parts that have just been released from a mold with the help of natural release agents

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