About Valley Products Co.

About Our Company

For over three quarters of a century Valley Products has been converting all grades of fats, oils, and fatty acids into a wide variety of finished products. Over these years, three generations of family management have shared a common vision of product quality, technical expertise, and customer responsiveness.

The results are custom soaps, industrial processing aids, release agents, lubricants, fatty acids, and vegetable oil feed ingredients, specifically formulated to meet each individual application. Our toilet soap bases, made from the finest raw materials, are used to produce the highest quality cosmetic and medicated soap bars.

Our products are manufactured using natural fats and oils – not petroleum products or chemicals. This allows us to offer biodegradable, earth friendly products that can be used safely in many applications.

Our ISO 9001 Certification is indicative of our dedication to quality excellence. Additionally, we have achieved organic certification under the National Organic Program, GMP B-2 registration, and are a FDA-registered drug establishment.

Since 1943 we have seen many changes in the numerous industries we serve, but one thing has never changed: Valley’s total commitment to quality.

Valley Products is a Family Business
Valley Products Manufacturing Fats, Oils, and Fatty Acids since 1943
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