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Natural Soap Applications

Valley Products Company manufactures a full line of organic, all natural, and traditional toilet soap bases for use in manufacturing bar soaps. We produce low glycerin bases and bases with increased glycerin for added emolliency. We can also work with you to custom-formulate bases for your specific needs.

VPC produces premium natural soap in granule, micro-flake and noodle format.

We use only premium natural oils and vegetable fatty acids to produce our toilet soap noodles and micro-flake soaps. These formats utilize the semi-boil process which has the glycerol retained during soap making. This method of saponification is advantageous to soap bar production providing excellent extrusion properties during soap manufacturing. Soap bars made from semi-boil soap have a premium after feel offering superior emollient properties, moisturization and after-feel. Micro-flakes made from this process have superior water dissolution and binding properties making them suitable for many different powder and pressed applications.

Our soap granules are made from natural soaps that utilize many different types of natural oils and fatty acids. These products are made by way of the full-boil saponification process which yields a soap that has the glycerol removed during production. These soaps are slightly harder as a result which allows us to easily make the granular format. This line of soaps can be utilized in many industrial applications such as metal working, starch-based adhesives, animal feed, degreasing, cleaning, lubrication, rubber, plastics, cotton processing, oil patch, agriculture, mining, and others.

Soap being a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) product finds its home in many applications please contact us to see if we have a product on the shelf that meets your needs or if we can custom formulate a product to suit your specific need.

Natural Soap Bar

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