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Clinically-proven, soap powders, soap flakes, soap noodles, and liquid castile soap products expertly formulated with quality, safety, and effectiveness in mind.

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Environmentally-Friendly Soap Manufacturer
with Quality at the Forefront Since 1943

At Valley Products, our ethically designed, clinically-formulated soaps are designed to enhance the quality of your products without the use of any harsh, synthetic materials you’ll find in competitor products. From the beginning, we’ve vowed to only use the highest quality ingredients – one’s that are truly safe, responsible, and effective. That’s why we are one of the leading soap manufacturers in the country!

No compromises necessary.

Thanks to decades of industry experience and a seamless production process, we’re able to deliver exceptional, high-performance soap products that truly elevate each and every product, helping to create a new generation of products that go beyond the standard.

Technical Expertise

As one of the leading soap manufacturers, we have over 80+ years of combined experience in soap ingredient production, innovation, and application.

Product Quality

We only use the finest vegetable oils, fatty acids, and animal fats in order to create naturally perfect compounds.


We work directly with each customer to develop industry-leading solutions that match your unique product.

Soap Base Products

 For over 80 years, the experts behind Valley Products have developed and manufactured industry-leading soap base products that are formulated to work with a variety of applications, products, and solutions.

Industrial Soap

Soap Flakes and Powders

Explore our custom-formulated vegetable oils and animal fats are designed to produce the highest of quality soap flakes and soap powders. Best used for release agents, anti-tacks, plasticizers, lubricants, and more.

Soap Bases

Soap Noodles and Liquid Castile Soap

Shop our full line of organic, all natural, and traditional soap noodles and liquid castile soaps, expertly designed for manufacturing bar soaps. Explore 0% base options for customized emollient capabilities.

Lipid Products

Industrial Fatty Acids

Explore our industrial fatty acid soap products, all produced in compliance with our ISO 9001, GMP-B2, and HACCAP systems. We expertly product fatty acids, vegetable oils, and liquid soap bases for a variety of applications.

The Industries We Serve

At Valley Products, our products are designed with the customer in mind. We develop and produce uniquely effective soap bases soap products to work for multiple industry applications and projects.



Shop release agents, anti-tack compounds, plasticizers, and surfactants to improve your product and process.

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Go beyond cleaning and explore our range of natural soaps, designed to scour, remove sizing materials, dissolve oil from fabric, and act as a carding lubricant to reduce fibre and metal friction.

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Our natural oil lubrication products are the perfect responsible, cost-effective addition for a multitude of applications.

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Animal Feed

Animal Feed

Our lipid products provide supplemental fats that are essential for animal nutrition, helping to improve health and productivity.

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Explore our selection of industrial collector products used in froth flotation, as well as to improve the recovery and upgrade of valuable materials.

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Oil Recovery

Oil Recovery

Shop our premiere drilling mud additive products, renowned for their lubricity and emulsification properties.

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Our soaps are commonly used as starch-based adhesives in applications that range from crayons to food bags, and more!

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Soap Manufacturing Company Since 1943

Our Conscious Process

Valley Products is a reputable soap manufacturing company based in Memphis, Tennessee, known for its commitment to quality and innovation since 1943. With a focus on sustainable practices and premium ingredients, Valley Products offers a wide range of soap products tailored to meet various needs and preferences.

 At Valley Products, we don’t believe you have to compromise on efficiency to include natural, safe-to-use products in your application. The expert team behind our products have decades of experience developing ethically sourced, responsible soap bases and liquid soap bases products that beautifully collaborate with a wide variety of products to deliver the exact results you’re looking for every time.

We choose to use high-performance alternatives that focus on healing. Using fine, top-quality vegetable oils, fatty acids, and animal fats, our natural compounds expertly pair with your product or process, so you can get the dirty thing clean, the stuck thing free, or the hot thing cold – all without the reliance on harsh, synthetic ingredients that so often cause issues like eye and skin irritation, impaired lung function, and negative environmental impacts.

In our products, you will never find:

  • Zinc Stearate for Metalwork Lubricant
  • Bentonite Clay for Anti-Tack
  • Petroleum-Based Surfactants for Cleaning

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You don’t just have great production experts, you have some incredible scientists on staff that were able to walk us through the process of selecting the ingredients that make our soap stand out in the crowd. Thanks!


We got off to a rocky start with another supplier and reached out to Valley to see if they could help. What a difference! I feel like I understand our product 10x better, and they were able to get us on shelves by our original goal date!

We know fragrance, but we don’t know soap. Scott was able to help us help us craft a line of soaps that tie in perfectly with the rest of our products. Our customers expect a certain experience from us; you helped us deliver!

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