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Soap Noodles & Liquid Castile Soap

With Valley Products, you can break your dependency from synthetic ingredients and unreliable supply chains. Our all-natural liquid castile soap and soap noodles are manufactured in-house and meticulously crafted using top-quality ingredients. Enhance your soap creations with our glycerol-free soap noodles, delivering superior emollience and moisturization. Valley Product liquid castile soap and noodles boast exceptional water dissolution and binding properties, ideal for diverse applications.

Industrial Soap Bases for Soap Manufacturing

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What is Liquid Castile Soap?

Liquid castile soap is a versatile and gentle cleanser made from natural ingredients like potassium cocoate, olive oil, water, and lye. Its mild formulation makes it suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin. It can be used as a body wash, hand soap, shampoo, facial cleanser, and even as a household cleaner due to its non-toxic properties. With its multipurpose nature, liquid castile soap offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for personal hygiene and household cleaning needs.

What is a Soap Noodle?

A soap base, also known as a soap noodle, is the fundamental ingredient used in soap manufacturing. It serves as the foundation for creating various types of soap products. Typically made from a combination of fats or oils and alkalis, soap bases provide the necessary cleansing properties in soap formulations. They come in various forms, including solid bars or pellets, and can be customized with additives to achieve specific characteristics such as fragrance or color.

Soap Noodle Product Uses

Premium quality and uncompromising safety go into our organic soap noodles line. As a versatile and sustainable cleaning agent, soap noodles are found in a variety of industries and applications.

Valley Product soap noodles are used in soap bars, detergents, and other cleaning agents, using only natural oils and vegetable fatty acids. For industrial applications, soap noodles are utilized in such applications as cotton processing, metalworking, animal feed, degreasing, cleaning, lubrication, agriculture, oil patching, and other industrial uses. Our team can formulate products for specific needs or look through our ready-made lineup.

Valley Products Customer Support

We understand that excellent customer service is essential to any successful business. That’s why we at Valley Products are committed to providing all customers with the highest levels of support. Our team of soap masters are available to answer questions, help you pick the right product, or create a custom solution. Our products are made from the finest raw materials with no petroleum products or chemicals. Speak to customer support today and discover how to break free of synthetic ingredients.


What are soap noodles?

Soap noodles are semi-finished products that are used as an ingredient in the production of bar soap and other products. They look like small pellets or noodles. We use only the finest blends of oils and other fatty acids to produce the highest quality soap noodles. All our products are biodegradable.

Are Valley Product soap noodles petroleum-free?

Our Valley Product soap noodles are 100% petroleum-free, ensuring a pure and natural base for your soap production.

What industries do you provide soap noodles to?

We provide soap noodles to a range of industries, including personal care, cosmetics, cleaning, agriculture, oil and gas industries, mining, textile, and others looking to produce high-quality products.

Are Valley Product soap noodle products suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! Our soap noodle products are formulated to be gentle and with the highest quality ingredients. Valley Product soap noodles are manufactured using natural fats and oils never petroleum products or chemicals.

How can I order Valley Product soap noodles?

To order soap noodles contact our sales team directly for questions or custom products.