Industrial Soaps from Valley Products Company

Industrial Soaps

Valley Products has been custom formulating vegetable oils and animal fats to produce high quality, economical surfactants for almost 70 years. Our products can be used as release agents, anti-tacks, plasticizers, lubricants, and other industrial applications. We offer a line of stock products and can also work with you to formulate custom products to meet your specific requirements. Below are some of our stock products:


Valpro® 59 is a golden colored, low titer, vegetable powdered soap. It works well in applications that call for cold water lathering.


VALPRO® 92 is an economical, high titer, tallow-based powdered soap designed for higher temperature applications in a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses. VALPRO® 92 has excellent film forming, binding, and release characteristics.


VALPRO® 90 Soap Powder is a vegetable and tallow based, medium titer soap in powder form designed for medium temperature water applications in a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses. VALPRO® 90 has excellent film forming, binding and release characteristics.


VALPRO® GM is an economical, vegetable-based, low titer soap designed for low to moderate temperature application in a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses. It is available in powder or pellet form. VALPRO® GM has excellent film forming, binding, and release characteristics.


VALPRO® PRL-10 is a tallow-coconut oil soap flake made from the finest raw materials available. The blend is made from pure edible tallow and refined, bleached, and deodorized coconut oil to produce a high sudsing, medium titer, white soap.
Typical applications include the compounding of powdered hand soaps, wire drawing lubricants, metal finishing compounds, and other specialized applications.
VALPRO® PRL-10 is not ground to produce a powder, thus it contains very few fines. VALPRO® PRL-10 is considerably less dusty than most powdered soaps making it easier to handle and compound.


VALPRO® DRM-10 is a high titer, tallow-based, soap flake made from high quality raw materials.VALPRO® DRM-10 is manufactured in such a way as to reduce the typical dusting characteristics of powdered soaps. It is an economical product that is well suited for those applications where color is not critical.
Typical applications include:

  • Laundry: For high temperature work, where a high titer product is required to maintain suds stability at elevated temperatures.
  • Textile: For general scouring, heavy fulling operations on all woolens and worsted fabrics. The low alkalinity of this product protects colors.
  • Chemical Compounding: Excellent for chemical compounding as a base for built soaps, metal- finishing compounds, wire drawing lubricants, etc.


VALPRO® X-290 Granule is a vegetable oil and tallow release compound for all types of rubber stock. The product contains no clay. VALPRO® X-290 Granule yields a heavy, hard, and stable film at low solids concentration and is readily soluble at low temperatures with minimum agitation. X-290 will not settle out or gel at normal operating temperatures. It is a dark amber to golden granule with a typical soapy odor.