History of Valley Products Company


Valley Products Company manufactures a broad line of soap products and vegetable oil feed ingredients. The company was started in 1943 by Charles and Evelyn Breazeale. Our first products were commercial all-purpose washing powders and bulk vegetable oil soaps sold to formulators. In the 1960s and 1970s, Jim Breazeale expanded that business rapidly in industrial and commercial soap products and feed ingredients. In the 1970s, Valley began producing bar soaps, and in the 1980s we expanded that business by acquiring Los Angeles Soap Company. In the 2000’s we embarked on a program to strengthen and formalize our quality systems. These efforts led to our ISO 9001 certification, organic certification under the National Organic Program, FDA registration, and GMP B-2 registration which allows Valley to export our livestock feed ingredients into Europe. We sold the bar soap division in 2005 to focus our efforts on our industrial soap, toilet soap base, and feed ingredient operations.

While our commitment to quality and service has never changed, many things have. Our 5-acre plant site has grown to 22 acres. The original 6-car rail siding will now accommodate 68 jumbo tank cars. We started with one small building and now have over 200,000 square feet of modern manufacturing and warehouse space.

Owner Commitment To Our Customers

We are still a family business. When Charles and Evelyn Breazeale founded Valley Products, they believed in attention to detail. So do we. That’s why human eyes and hands inspect each step of the manufacturing process, just like in the old days. Modern equipment and technology are utilized at Valley Products, but there are no substitutes for personal attention. We know you expect the ultimate in quality products and customer service, and we constantly strive to meet and surpass your expectations.

Please feel free to call or email us for additional information or samples. Visit us and you’ll see what makes us a different kind of company.

Valley Products Company Founder
Valley Products Company Factory